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We are a CSA accredited plastics recycler located in Aurora, servicing the province of Ontario. We pick up, sort, granulate and package specific plastic materials to be shipped to end-users. The end users use the plastics to create new items from recycled materials. See a list of accepted plastics below. If you would like to request a pick up of accepted materials please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for requesting a pick-up!

Accepted Plastics
  • 2-Cycle engine Oil

  • Quenching Oil

  • Refrigeration System Oil

  • Marine cylinder Oil

  • De-dusting Oil

  • Mineral Heat transfer fluid

  • Compressor Oil

  • Rustproof Oil

  • Circulating Oil or Turbine Oil

  • Form Release Oil

  • Rock Drill Oil

  • Vegetable Oil for Lubrication

  • Polyester Fluids

  • Re-refine Oil

  • Natural gas Compressor

  • Machine Tool and Slide way Lubricant

  • Gear Oil

Automotive Plastics


Used Oil containers with the capacity of 30 Litres or less:

  • Power Steering Fluid

  • Paper Machine Oil

  • Conveyor Lube

  • Pneumatic System Oil

  • Metal Working Oil  

  • Hydraulic Fluid

  • Electrical Insulating Oil 

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Saw guide Oil

  • Food Grade White Mineral Oil

  •  Dripless Lube

  • Synthetic Crankcase or Engine Oil

  • Process Oil

  • Textile Oil

  • Drawing, Stamping, and Shaping Oil

  • Chain Oil

  • Marine Engine Oil for Vessels operating domestically

Used Antifreeze Containers with a capacity of 30 Litres or less

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