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​Did You Know?

​Plastic is one of the most disposable materials in North America culture.

For every one million tons of HDPE (plastic) recycled rather than landfilled, we save the energy equivalent of 8, 870, 000 barrels of oil.

Recycling creates a closed-loop system where discarded products are returned for use in new products.

Recycling and remanufacturing are 194 times more effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions than landfilling and virgin manufacturing.

For every one job at a landfill, there are ten jobs in recycling processing and 25 jobs in recycling based manufacturers. The recycling industry employs more workers than the auto industry.

Reusing plastic has many different benefits, including lower gasoline and oil prices.

We collect and recycle enough plastic to fill the Saddledome in one year - picture that in a landfill or your back yard.

​By reusing and recycling items as many times as possible we can reduce the emissions of gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.